Never give up on hope.

February 23, 2015

Dear Little Baby,

Today marks the day that we only have 10 more days until we are 23 weeks. We can do it. I refuse to give up hope. As you will find out later on in life, I am a HUGE Blue Devils fan. I contacted the Blue Devils basketball team and asked if I could have an autographed picture of the team and of Coach K. They said yes! So, that will be going up in your nursery when I get it. You’ll be a Blue Devil baby yet, Little Baby. I also called Carolinas Cord Blood Banking (run by Duke) and they are going to forward our situation to the Medical Director. I was looking into Cord Blood Banking because you are probably going to be extremely early, and maybe banking your cord blood can help later on down the road. CCBB is forwarding your situation to the Medical Director, and they said that they might be able to get us the service for a discounted price (or even free!) because of the medical need. The Medical Director is also going to look into helping us transfer our care to Duke Medical, that way when you are born, we have trained cord blood collection professionals already on hand. Not to mention, Duke is the #2 hospital in the country. So, we really have a lot on our plate these days, Little Baby. We are going to make it. I’m still hanging on to hope. You just stay in there. Our ultimate goal is 34 weeks. We have 10 more days until we are at the “point of viability.” Then, another weeks before you’ve got a 50/50 chance. Then another week before “most babies” make it. And then every single day increases your chances. One day at a time right now, though. We’ve got this, Little Baby. I love you infinitely.



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