Never give up on hope.

Dear Little Baby,

Today is a great day! Not only are we at 22 weeks (with only a week left before we hit that oh-so-important 23 week mark!) today is ALSO your oldest sibling’s sixth birthday! We aren’t doing very much as far as a party, and I feel bad about that. I’ve always had a huge party for her–either at gymnastics or Chuck E. Cheese’s or SOMETHING, but this year I just can’t. She got a whole stack of new books, a bunch of Frozen stuff, and a new (locking) journal as well. She loves her journals. She has had one since she was four years old, but really started “keeping one” at five years old. Before that she would draw a picture in it every day. Now that she is old enough to spell and write without help, I figure she needed a new journal. I also got her a day planner to keep track of her homework. The journal and day planner match. And I got her a pack of matching sticky notes and a matching autograph book for everyone to write in for her birthday. She is really into reading and writing, and that is one of the things that I will always encourage in all of my children.

You have been super active today. You’ve been kicking all day long. While that is good, it also scares me. You are right on my cervix and I’m so scared that all of that irritation to my cervix will make it open. Not to mention, I don’t want you to get wrapped up in your cord. There are so many things that could go wrong right now, and with only one week left, it would be a tragedy to have come this far only to fail so close. Hang in there, Little Baby. We’re going to make it. One more week, Little Baby. Just seven more day. I love you an infinite amount of infinities.



Comments on: "February 26, 2015 (Gen’s Birthday/22 Weeks!)" (1)

  1. Praying for you and baby ❤️ You WILL make it baby, you have to.


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