Never give up on hope.

March 1, 2015

Dear Little Baby,
The good news is that the bleeding had stopped this morning. I’m bleeding a little bit now, but it is because I have been so stressed out today.
Last night your Daddy was transferred from Onslow Memorial Hospital to New Hanover Regional Medical Center. What started out as an absessed tooth was profoundly multiplied when the dentist did a root canal on him before the infection was gone. The infection was all the way up under his eye and all the way down into his neck. The dentist has refused to return my phone calls, so tomorrow I am going to his office and I guess I am going to have to make a scene. Your sister Cayce was in the hospital tonight too. She has RSV. I don’t know how much more I can handle, Little Baby. We have to hang in there. I’m really being tested lately, Little Baby. I love you so much.


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  1. I saw your story a while back on baby center, on the July 2015 moms group. I’ve been following from the beginning. And I know this is totally weird, but I check every morning and every night for updates. I pray before getting on my phone for good news. I know it seems like you can’t handle anymore, but you are seriously super woman! You are so real, powerful, and motivating. Even if that is not your intent. You are stronger than I can ever imagine myself being. I pray for your children, and the man child too!(: I pray extra for you, the glue that holds the family together. The one who shouldn’t have a worry in the world right now while protecting this baby, but you have every worry in the world. Know IT IS OKAY TO CRY, and scream, and throw shit! Let it all out! Every day, five times a day if you need to! You are so close to your ‘big day’ and I pray you make it far beyond that!!! I know with your strength, mentality and love you are going to overcome anything, everything, and anyone, that comes in your way!


  2. Before you go to the dentist to make a scene you should probably call a person injury lawyer. If the dentist knowingly performed an operation that made this condition worse you should really seek legal counsel. Plus you don’t need anymore stress on your plate, let a lawyer handle this one. You need to take care of yourself and you daughter. Praying for your family, stay strong momma.


  3. Praying for you and your little ones and your husband ❤️ Just a little bit longer, hang in there!!!


  4. Heather said:

    Praying for EVERYONE in your family mama!!!!!! Hang in there! God IS with you, he’s just showing you just how strong your family is! You got this and you ARE a rock star!


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