Never give up on hope.

March 2, 2015 (Part 2)

Dear Little Baby,
I’m going to have to write to you a lot today to keep my sanity. Cayce apparently ate something that did not agree with her stomach. Consequently, she has been blowing out her diapers every 30 minutes like clockwork. Also, I accidentally left the wipes in Daddy’s hospital room. So I have been using wet paper towels to wipe her. These paper towels are pretty good. Maybe I should submit it as a commercial. Also, I am currently out of milk (should have remembered to get some but I didn’t) and as a result, Cayce has a bottle full of Dr. Pepper right now. I cried. Like a baby. Worst Mom of the Year Award. But because your sister has never had soda before, she looked at her bottle like it was a foreign thing when I handed it to her. Then she tasted it. And promptly hurled it to the floor. There is currently Dr. Pepper all over my floor. I guess I can feel okay with the fact that she has never had it and doesn’t like it…the dog is now licking up the Dr. Pepper off of my floor. I don’t know whether to praise him or stop him. And in 30 minutes I have to leave for the doctor’s office that is an hour away. With Cayce. I’m debating strapping a garbage bag to her butt and calling it a day. I figure I already got the Worst Mom of the Year Award. I could just leave her in the bathtub. There wasn’t anything solid in there. I could totally just hose her off every time she has a blow out. HOW DOES SO MUCH POOP COME FROM SUCH A TINY HUMAN??? If you want my advice, Little Baby, it would be this–stay in there as long as you can, because it is CRAZY out here. I love you more than all the stars.


Comments on: "March 2, 2015 (Part 2)" (3)

  1. Oh my goodness I missed a few days of reading your posts & all hell has broken out for you! You appear to be the strongest woman I could ever imagine! I hope so much that you have some people to support & help you! Praying for you & your whole family especially little one. Hang in there momma!!


  2. I wish so much I could come help you! I would totally help pay a doula to come help you if you wanted that! There are doulas everywhere and while its not the typical thing a doula does I bet I could find one that would be willing to help! Even if it was just a paid hour of cleaning once or twice a week! Send me an email if you want to look for one!
    Praying! ❤


  3. I absolutely love your blog I know it’s not under the best conditions but you are awsome! I can’t seem to go a day without checking on you.. Best Wishes!!


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