Never give up on hope.

April 1, 2015

Dear Carter,

So far, only one person on my friend’s list joked about being pregnant. And I called her out on it. And she unfriended me. Which is cool, because I was going to unfriend her anyway. I mean…I posted how many warnings letting people know that it’s not a joke? I posted how many status updates letting my friends know how disgusting I think it is? So…she was on the short list to getting removed from my friend’s list anyway.

BUT…I got a phone call from my MOTHER today telling me that my sister (the one that can’t stay out of prison) is pregnant. I’m pretty sure that she thought it was a funny April Fool’s joke, but when I asked her why the hell she called me to tell me, and asked her if she didn’t think that would be painful to me, she started backpedaling. And she said that the guard had told her that my sister is pregnant too, but then she asked me what I thought. (This sister has pretended to be pregnant so many times that when she was actually pregnant–both times–I asked her when she was going to have her “miscarriage.”) And then my mom told me that my sister had said that she was just going to have an abortion. Like…really? This is my “family.” So after I started crying, she was like, “Well, I don’t really believe it. I only brought it up to see what you thought. Do you believe it?” As if I couldn’t see right through her. It makes me so angry.

That being said, I did post a status update today saying, “We are officially TTC. Baby dust appreciated.” Which is true. I haven’t played even one April Fool’s joke today. I can’t think of a single April Fool’s joke to play. Yesterday, Carolanne came over and played with Genesis and wound up spending the night. Her mom came and picked her up today when she got off of work. They had fun. So today, I just spent the day watching them while they played and entertaining the baby. It was a good day. A laid back day, but a good day. I miss you, son.

Here Without You,


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