Never give up on hope.

Almost 8 Months Later


I haven’t forgotten about you. Your picture hangs in the living room for everyone to see. Your ashes are in a beautiful marble urn on the mantle of the fireplace. I miss you. You should be three months old now. You should be learning how to roll over. But you aren’t. I have felt every single day of your loss, but I’ve gotten better at putting on a fake smile. When people ask me how many children I have, I say four. Genesis, Cameron, Cayce, and Carter.

And now I can say four with one on the way.

Carter, sweetie, you’re going to be a big brother. I know you won’t ever be able to play catch with your little brother or sister. I know you will never get the chance to tease him or her mercilessly about a weird hairstyle. But I hope that you are somewhere up above watching out for us all. Because we really miss you down here. Don’t forget us, Little Baby. We won’t ever forget you.

I love you more than words can ever describe.




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